For a more recognizable and presentable pitbox, pitlane and paddock, we offer the service to design customized Team Banners. With info such as the team name, a flag of nationality, names and nationality of drivers and start numbers, topped off with a spectacular photograph of your car in action, the banner provides a nice extra touch to your pitbox, as well as an interesting souvenir. The banner is 1m x 1,5m and fits nicely above the pit boxes.

For the Hankook 24H DUBAI 2015 we tend to keep up this way of decorating the pit boxes, presenting the circuit as if it is ours for the weekend. Afterwards the banners are, of course, yours to keep so you can decorate your own garage or motor home. Below are some examples of how the banner can look on your pit box.

Please note: The design of the pitbox banner will also be displayed on the website at the entry list.

This year the pitbox banners are FREE OF CHARGE, when they are ordered before first of November 2014! So order your pitbox now!! 
We offer you a fully customized team banner (2 pieces). 

Interested in ordering the Team Pitbox Banner? Please send a reply to: info@creventic.com or call us at +31 485 47 11 66
Example DUBAI 2014